Platinum or Gold? You Choose!

Did you know you can upgrade your diamond ring? Here at Ian Gallacher customers can upgrade their diamond jewellery for something more expensive, for example upgrade a half carat diamond solitaire for a one carat diamond solitaire or a 3/4ct pair of diamond stud earrings for a pair of 1ct diamond stud earrings.

We can also upgrade your ring with diamonds purchased elsewhere.

A customer who has purchased an 18ct white gold 3 stone diamond ring weighing 0.65cts from another retailer is welcome to upgrade to a platinum diamond marquise cut solitaire weighing 0.75cts from ourselves-the difference may be £1000 depending on the quality of diamond you choose.

When upgrading your jewellery, we require you to bring in any previous valuations for your pieces, as well as any diamond certificates you have. We reserve the right to decline to accept a piece for an upgrade, if you do not have the certificate or previous valuation.