Welcome to a new era in jewellery design…Goodbye shaped wedding rings. Hello Wedfit. Available in all popular diamond shapes and sizes, Wedfit does away with the chore of making individual fitted wedding rings. Revolutionary new Wedfit styling creates an engagement ring which fits flush against a standard wedding ring. Wedfit is available in platinum or gold, many from stock.

Platinum or Gold? You Choose!

Platinum and gold are both precious metals and excellent for the craft of jewellery making. When platinum is mined from the ground, it is naturally white and maintains the look throughout the years with no added maintenance.

White gold starts out as yellow gold from the mine and is then mixed with zinc and nickel to make it whiter in colour. When it is finished as a piece of jewellery, it is then rhodium plated to make it a true white. Over time, this plating wears off and has to be re-applied in order to maintain its ‘whiteness’

The main differences between Platinum and Gold

  • Platinum costs more than gold for several good reasons:
  • Platinum is approximately 60 times more rare.
  • Platinum is a purer metal than 18ct gold.
  • Platinum is 50% more dense than 18ct gold and is therefore heavier by comparison.

Wedding rings

Like all precious metals, platinum does get scratched! A platinum surface when scratched, will actually separate and make room for the scratch without loss of metal. This means that platinum does not lose the miniscule amount of metal that disappear when other precious metals are  scratched. Over  time, platinum develops a natural patina that many prefer over the ‘just polished’ look. This patina is one factor that  makes platinum very special at any age. We, at Ian Gallacher, carry an unrivalled stock of wedding rings as a perfect compliment to the range. Devotion wedding rings are designed to fit perfectly against the Wedfit range and are available in many different profiles, weights and metals. wedding rings We also carry a large range of Gerstner wedding bands imported from Germany. Gerstner are award winning wedding band manufacturers who combine metals and diamonds to produce bands of incredible quality and style. Gerstner To view the entire Gerstner range, click on the Gerstner Logo above. To see our full range of wedding rings, please visit our showrooms in Murray Place, Stirling.