With the right care, your diamond jewellery should last a lifetime, but mishaps happen from time to time and your precious jewellery can break. Rings with missing stones, broken chains and brooches with pins missing can sit unloved in drawers for years, but with our repair service we can restore your jewellery to its former glory.

If you have jewellery that has stones missing or loose, broken rings or snapped gold chains, bring them in to our reception and our team will give you an instant and honest appraisal and a cost for repair.

Ian Gallacher Jewellery Repair Stirling

If your ring has lost a stone, we will be able to find a replacement of the right size, colour, quality and cut to match the missing one.

We can guarantee that every stone will be tight and secure when it leaves our workshop and we will clean and service your jewellery, returning it to you looking like new.

Ian Gallagher Jewellery Repair Stirling

Over a lifetime, your fingers will change size, particularly as you get older you may find that rings that were once tight become quite loose, or indeed knuckles can swell and rings can become tight.

To avoid the discomfort of a poorly fitting ring, or the possibility of it slipping from your finger, we can resize and even strengthen rings that have worn thin to make them feel like they did when you first put them on.

Ian Gallacher Jewellery Repair Stirling

The claws that hold stones in place on your jewellery can become loose over time and this is when you risk losing stones. To prevent this from happening we can give you a quick and free appraisal of the condition of your claws to give you peace of mind.

If a repair is required this is an inexpensive procedure compared with the cost of replacing a lost stone.

Ian Gallacher Jewellery Repair Stirling

We see broken jewellery every day, from earrings to wedding rings, and from brooches to cufflinks – most are just a simple fix like repairing a snapped chain or removing a dent.

Whatever the problem, we can advise on a fix, getting a smile back on your face by restoring your once-loved jewellery to its former glory.

Ian Gallacher Jewellery Repair Stirling

Replating your jewellery is a quick and inexpensive way of breathing new life into your dull or tired looking jewellery. White gold is a very popular metal for wedding rings and when new it gleams.

But over time the shine can fade and your ring can start to yellow. Replating will get it looking like new again.