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Ian Gallacher Jewellers stock a huge selection of certified and non certified diamonds, bought only from trusted diamond dealers that we have worked with for years.

Our friendly team will help guide you to find your perfect gemstone, and explain the pros and cons of each gemstone so that you can make your own choice confidently and without feeling pressured to purchase the first ring you see.

View our Diamond Selection on line, or pop in to our Showroom to view our extensive selection of loose diamonds and made up jewellery, and let us take the unknown out of choosing the perfect diamond for you.

The 4c’s Clarity

The fewer inclusions in a diamond, the better. A flawless diamond is extremely rare and valuable’

VVS1-VVS2 (Very, very slightly included) (two grades) these inclusions are extremely difficult to detect at 10X magnification.

VS1-VS2 (Very slightly included) (two grades) these small inclusions are invisible to the naked eye and are seen with difficulty at 10X magnification.

SI1-SI2 (Slightly included) (two grades) these inclusions are visible at 10X magnification and in conventionally cut diamonds (diamonds that have been cut for weight retention rather than light output) can be seen with the naked eye.

I1-I2-I3 (Included) (3 grades) these inclusions are visible to the naked eye. We offer a limited number of I1 clarity diamonds with maximum light return.

The 4c’s Carat

A carat is a diamond weight which also indicates size’diamond carat

The 4c’s Colour

‘Most diamonds appear colourless but there are many subtle differences in shade. The closer a diamond is to having no colour, the more valuable it becomes, unless it is a rare fancy colour diamond’diamond colours

D: this diamond is absolutely colourless, is the highest colour grade, and is extremely rare.

E: this diamond is colourless with minute traces of colour which can be detected by an expert gemologist. It is also considered very rare.

F: this diamond is colourless with slight colour detected by an expert gemologist, and is still considered to be in the “colourless” category.

G-H: these diamonds are near colourless with the colour noticeable when compared properly to diamonds of higher colour

I-J: these diamonds are near colourless with the colour slightly detectable.

K: these diamonds are faintly yellow and are an exceptional value due to their superior light return.

The 4c’s Cut

‘A diamond cut to the proper proportions allows the greatest amount of light to be reflected for the maximum brilliance and fire’