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The Pink Panther

A diamond hidden in a jar of face cream. Heists carried out in broad daylight. Mission Impossiblestyle makeup used as disguise and limousines crashing through store windows.

It’s the work of the Pink Panthers, a network of criminals suspected of pulling off some of the most brazen diamond heists in history. They are seemingly untouchable and vanish without a trace. And they are suspected of stealing more than $100 million worth of diamonds in just the past month.

Their methods are daring and quick. In July, a lone thief walked into a diamond exhibition at a luxury hotel in Cannes. In just 60 seconds, investigators say, he walked out with $138 million worth of jewels. The heist was carried out during the day, and, incredibly, the robber fell down when he jumped out of a hotel window but still managed to hold on to the loot and escape.


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