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Conflict-free Diamonds


Occasionally our customers ask us how we know our diamonds are conflict free. Our answer is that all of the diamonds we sell  have been obtained through the Kimberley Process.

The world media’s attention was drawn in the 1990’s by brutal conflicts in Sierra Leone involving blood diamonds (rough diamonds smuggled by rebel movements to finance wars against legitimate governments). Other areas which have been or are affected include Angola, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A need was recognized for an international monitoring system preventing conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate supply chain. In 2003 the UN, governments, Amnesty International and Global Witness were among organisations who agreed upon a system known as The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (K.P.C.S).

The Kimberley Process regulates the entire journey of conflict free diamonds. When the diamonds are mined in rough form they are transported to government controlled offices where their source is checked upon arrival. They can only be legally moved among the 74 participating Kimberley Process countries. They are sealed in tamper resistant containers with a K.P.C.S certificate detailing a unique serial number. This certificate must accompany the diamonds each time they change hands. The diamonds are then cut, polished, set into jewellery and sold to consumers.

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