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Coloured Diamonds!

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 After a lot of interest in recent months, we at Ian Gallacher have increased our stock of coloured diamonds. We have a fantastic and varied selection of loose coloured diamonds and coloured diamond rings.

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Naturally coloured diamonds (sometimes referred to as fancy coloured diamonds) are incredibly rare, with only one in every ten thousand diamonds possessing natural colour. Therefore natural fancy coloured diamonds have a price tag reflecting their rarity, making them highly exclusive and out of the reach of many buyers.

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Treated fancy colours are more affordable. There are two main methods used to alter the colour of diamonds. The most widely used method is Irradiation which involves exposing the stone to radiation causing it to turn some shade of green, black or blue. Most are then annealed at a high temperature to alter the colour and the final colour depends on the temperature and length of heating time. There is also a method called High Pressure High Temperature treatment which can intensify the natural colour of some coloured diamonds. These treatments are both permanent modifications to the colour and will withstand general wear and conditions.

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Coating is another treatment used to modify the colour of diamonds. The coating can be in the form of dyes or films similar to the magnesium fluoride coating found on camera lenses. The dyes can be removed in hot water or alcohol and while the films would require contact with sulphuric acid to come off, they are not a permanent alteration to the stone either as the coating can become scratched and rub off with general wear and cleaning.

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We have a selection of coloured diamond rings as well as loose stones which can be mounted in a setting of your choice in gold, white gold or platinum. If you are in the market for a special occasional ring or a totally unique every day ring, a coloured diamond could be the right stone for you. Pop in and speak to one of our qualified and friendly jewellers who can help you select your perfect piece!

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